i did so poorly on my last exam i cant get over it. i dont know my mark yet, but every so often i’ll be doing something random like having lunch or about to shower and suddenly ill remember the exam and i get this pang in my stomach and i feel sick like its genuinely nauseating. 

I have an exam in 8 hours that I know is going to be hard and I need to do well ( because I’m doing very very poorly in the course so far lololol) and I’m literally trying to do everything but study????

I really can’t decide whether or not I feel too old or too young.

“If you blame Native American communities for their poverty, remember that the entire continent was stolen from them.
If you blame Black American communities for their relative poverty, remember that Black Americans were stolen from a continent, trafficked, and enslaved for nearly 300 years.
Tell me again about how your family ‘started from nothing’ when they immigrated. Didn’t they start from whiteness? Seems like a pretty good start.
The American Dream required dual genocides, but tell me again about fairness and equal opportunity. Tell me about democracy, modeled after the Iroquois Confederacy. Tell me your proud heritage, and I will show you the violence that made it so.”
— (via nativnuance)